Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov. 19 Directions and Assignments

To access Bedford St Martin Grammar Exercises:

Go to: (no www.)
Click on: Exercises on top in blue section
Click on: Basic Study Plan
· Choose topics listed on left in blue assigned for homework
· Register self by pushing student registration button
Instructor e-mail :
· Providing my instructor e-mail will allow your scores to be sent to me.

Don’t do this the last minute! Filling in the registration information may take some time

November 19:

Sign on to the Bedford St Martins website and do the following:
(Remember the topics list is on the left side of the screen in blue)
Unnecessary Commas
Pick any 2 exercises

Unnecessary Commas
Commas with Clauses
Do exercises #135 and #550

Subject Verb Agreement
With a Compound Subject
Do # 143 and #144. Use the “Tips” for explanations.

Subject Verb Agreement with Dependent Clause
Do #482

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