Monday, November 23, 2009

Research Concerns!!!

RE: Research Paper Proposing a Solution. The presentations have been going well. However, the papers I'm reviewing don't have a minimum of 5 citations in the text and, as discussed in class, 5-7 Works Cited. This is required for a passing grade. Use the Citation Sandwich with each point you provide.

Nov. 24

REMINDER: Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 8:00 class will be observed by Dr. Chinery. Be sure to be on time and ready to go right at 8:00. Dr. Chinery has an important meeting to go to and I don't want to waste any time keeping her away from her meeting.

We have a few presentations and then it's on to a grammar lesson as discussed OR we may do the reverse order, depending on what works best for Dr. Chinery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov. 19 Directions and Assignments

To access Bedford St Martin Grammar Exercises:

Go to: (no www.)
Click on: Exercises on top in blue section
Click on: Basic Study Plan
· Choose topics listed on left in blue assigned for homework
· Register self by pushing student registration button
Instructor e-mail :
· Providing my instructor e-mail will allow your scores to be sent to me.

Don’t do this the last minute! Filling in the registration information may take some time

November 19:

Sign on to the Bedford St Martins website and do the following:
(Remember the topics list is on the left side of the screen in blue)
Unnecessary Commas
Pick any 2 exercises

Unnecessary Commas
Commas with Clauses
Do exercises #135 and #550

Subject Verb Agreement
With a Compound Subject
Do # 143 and #144. Use the “Tips” for explanations.

Subject Verb Agreement with Dependent Clause
Do #482

Due Dates

The final revision of the Persuasive paper is due Tuesday Nov.24.

The final draft of your Solution paper is due December 1.

Class will not be held December 1. I will leave an envelope in my mailbox. You can place your papers in the envelope for me to pick up.

I will be posting an assignment for that day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. . 12 Assignment

As you prepare your research paper and presentation on Proposing a Solution be sure:
You have five sources.
You insert any in text citations that are missing.
Develop your Works Cited page.

The paper is to be 5-7 pages.

Check the handout I gave you for assignments.
Also check the entries below for assignments and directions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feed the Panda

and while you're at it, name it too!

November 10 Assignment

Essay 4/Draft 1 - solid first draft. Of course, citations must be included.

Start developing ideas and crafting your oral presentation. What visual aids will you use?

It's imperative that you read all the planning and organization notes I provided in previous postings. Read all past postings to make sure you're up to date on reading assignments. You may find some you overlooked that will be helpful to you now.

For instance, be sure you have read the chapter on Proposing a Solution.

More to follow; Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Organizing and Planning an Essay

Planning Your Essay:
Read the introduction
Underline the thesis. Don't have one? Oops! Work on it.

On a separate piece of paper:
Paragraph 1: Write the topic of the paragraph
-give examples
-give illustrations
-give description, or quotations
Anything that will support the ONE topic in that paragraph.
Do the same for the rest of the paragraphs.

**Remember 1 topic to a paragraph.
Look at your conclusion. Does it reflect the intro? Does it complete the essay or leave the reader hanging.

AFTER doing this process, go to the ADC. Ask for help with focus.

Did you develop each idea in each paragraph?
Did you use examples, description, quotes etc to support the main idea of the paragraph & develop the thesis. ?
Is there one topic to a paragraph?

November 5 Assignment

Proposing a Solution. Time for some real research. Please ask the research librarians for help.

Have a fully developed outline with full explanation of problem and fully developed solutions and source information. Would like you to have an introductory paragraph with a clear thesis.

Remember that in this paper - which will be 5-7 pages - can have an introduction that is two paragraphs. Just make sure all the information is pointed and direct to set up your thesis.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I did my best to contact everyone by email that I have to cancel classes Tuesday 10/27. I expect to be well enough to have class on Thursday. See you then.

Ms. Capra

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Individual Meetings

Reading, research, assignments due; responsibilities at home, hours working at a job, bills to pay. Result: Our lives are spent putting out fires: tending to only those responsibilities that have become the hot priority just as we've extinguished the last priority. Help has arrived.

This Thursday, October 29, I will be meeting with you during class to discuss how you're doing and what you can do to improve your situation.

Be sure to have questions prepared for me, so I an address any of your needs and concerns.

Don't let the picture below be a metaphor for your life!

How Clever Are You???

Welcome our Virtual Panda to the our site; quite a sight to see, isn't it?? Okay, I apologize for the corny line, but I had to get it out of me. Sound like a process of writing I've mentioned before? Sometimes you have to purge yourself of the words and thoughts that don't work and, that in this case, digress from the focus: our Panda!

So, how clever are you?? Come up with a great name for our Panda.

By the way, you might want to feed the l'il guy/gal while your at it. Click on "more" at the bottom of the screen and see what happens...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter 6 and our latest assignment --
--Refer to notes from 10/22 entry --
Need new inspiration? You read O'Malley's piece on 165, discussed his techniques. Review the chapter.

Are you a good problem solver? Think about the problems you've encountered in your own life. Have your solutions worked out better for some than others? Why do you think it works out that way? Were you too tired and/or stressed to think clearly and just jumped in blindly? Did you need advice and fail to seek it? Did you get advice and fail to take it? We all do that sometimes.

As you work on your topic Proposing a Solution remember, as we discussed in class, find a need. Maybe a niche need-- an activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. Think close to home ....

Know your Audience
Be Decisive
Be certain of your purpose
Go ahead, take a virtual bike ride, or bake at the beach, but then it's off to thoughtful writing, research and the creation of a torrent of words that will sway your reader to your point of view!!

We've had discussions on Focus, Organization, and the Development needed to make any story of interest to the reader.

is the result of providing details and examples of the point you want to prove.

This is true whether you are writing a personal essay or a research paper. Following these guidelines will be a big help when writing anything.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ASSIGNMENT FOR TUESDAY Ootber 27. Next topic is to Create a Solution. Put thought and research to find a problem that we/you can create a workable solution.

Think about the words you see posted as you enter the drive at GCU: Justice, Service, Respect... These should inspire you.

IN class have a list of 4 -6 topics and focus statements that you can actually provide solutions.

October 22 In Class

Today we workded on improving the Persuasive essay.
- Is the thesis clear and STRONG?

- Have you provided support for each point that will prove your point.

- Don't only rely on putting your source information with a cite name and number page at the end.

Use variety of style: begin by introducing the source, the credentials, the source of the information you will be using; it easier to read. Don't forget to use the Citation Sandwich: Imperative

Hand in the revision of this essay for me to review and provide commentary.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 22 Class notes

Today we will also be reviewing draft 1 of the Persuasion essay.

Have you persuaded your reader to your position? How? Specifically, what it the
point/the focus of your argument?

Is you language persuasive without being aggressive or insulting?

Anyone behind schedule, meet with me.

Reminder: my email is

October 22 Class

Persuasion Essay. Draft 1 except for those students who will be handing in the outline.

October 22: In class we will be working on proofreading the draft, looking for point so organization and support. ARE YOU PERSUADING YOUR READER OF SOMETHING? WHAT?

Assignment for Tuesday will be posted later today.


Hello from Professor Capra
To all my EN111 Students

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Applause and, more seriously, suggestions are always welcome. This is YOUR education. Take part, use your voice, and together, we'll make this blog a service to all of us..